Publicolor selects students who evidence key indicators for being at high risk of not completing school. While other organizations work with high-achievers, our longterm project-based learning model engages disaffected students in their education and guides them toward success.

24,000+ disadvantaged students experienced Publicolor programming that empowered them to stay in school and achieve in life.

318 New York City schools and 250 under-resourced community sites Publicolored.

25% of NYC public school buildings revitalized with color, design, and community collaboration.

1.2 million students visually impacted by our transformations that brightened their schools. 


Each year, almost 20 million people are nourished by visual beauty at school and community site transformations.

Publicolor students devote 300 hours each year to community service.


100% of our students transitioned on time from 8th to 9th and from 9th to 10th grade.


No Publicolor student dropped out of school in FY2021 vs. 9.4% of their school peers.

100% on-time high school graduation rate in FY2021 vs. 73% in NYC public schools.


100% of Publicolor graduates went on to college or post-secondary accreditation vs. 68% of their school peers.

91% of our students graduated high school college-ready, not requiring remedial classes in their first year of college in FY2021, vs. 55% of their school peers.


100% first-year college retention rate for Publicolor graduates vs. 63% at CUNY schools.

76% of our students complete their college degree within 6 years compared to 11% of students from 

high-poverty households.

89% of our alums are employed, despite the pandemic.

4,164 packages of healthy food were delivered to students and their families. 79% of Publicolor students reported experiencing food insecurity.

6,747 hours of online tutoring were volunteered by 109 tutors ensuring our students stayed engaged, connected, and supported.

Over 27,000 corporate, community and college volunteers were engaged in painting public schools alongside our students, and tutoring and mentoring them since 1996.