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Unlike most other youth organizations that focus on high-achieving, low-income students, Publicolor deliberately targets low-income students who are at high risk of dropping out. Our project-based learning model succeeds in engaging them in their education.

263 NYC schools and 240 under-resourced community sites have been Publicolored since 1996, affecting 940,800 students + teachers and 2,637,600 residents of low-income communities.

19,000+ at-risk students were enrolled in our gateway program, Paint Club, since 1996.

100% of our students transitioned on time from 8th to 9th and from 9th to 10th grade.

No Publicolor student dropped out of school in 2017-2018, while the NYC dropout rate was 16.4% for their peers at struggling schools.

Publicolor had a 100% on-time high school graduation rate in 2018 vs. 64% of their peers at NYC public.

100% of Publicolor graduates now attend post-secondary schooling vs. 69% of low-income peers nationwide.

Publicolor has 98% first-year college retention rate for graduates vs. 66% at CUNY citywide


89% of our 2018 students graduated high school college-ready, not requiring remedial classes in their first year of college, vs.19% of their school peers.

Over 26,000 corporate, community and college volunteers were engaged in painting public schools alongside our students, and tutoring and mentoring them since 1996.

More than 68% of Publicolor students experience food insecurity. We provide 100% of our students healthy and plentiful snacks and meals 6 days a week. These often serve as their most substantial meals of the day.