Dear Publicolor family, 


Our students’ education, as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing, come first. To this end we have moved all workshops and tutoring sessions online. We have divided 251 students amongst 11 program staff who call them EVERY day to give homework help and emotional support. We have also paired those who are struggling academically (many) with paid and volunteer tutors. We are delivering food to many of our families twice a week. We are committed to being their refuge, especially during this unprecedented time. Most of our students live in crowded conditions in high-risk neighborhoods, so many have seen the virus firsthand, and sadly are dealing with fear and loss.

“Getting emails every week and being part of an online workshop every Friday makes me feel like things are normal and it shows me Publicolor cares.”

– Naya, 9th grade

“I miss being around my friends and I have so much work for school, more than when I’m actually in class, but the one on one tutoring on FaceTime has really helped me with my math and science work”

– Alejandro, 7th grade

“Thank you thank you thank you to publicolor and Bloomberg for all the lunches and meals. It has helped my family so much.”

– Kyrel, 8th grade

“I love my tutor, she is funny and explains everything that is really

complicated by breaking it down. Meeting her on zoom during the week

has been awesome.”

– Aaron, 8th grade

“Thanks so much for talking to Aaron and setting him up with Jemme. He has never been so interested in doing his school work and I can finally see a difference. We are in a terrible situation, but the positive outcome from this is that my son continues to have you and publicolor and now has a dedicated person at his side supporting and guiding him. He never experienced this in school and am so thankful for this.”

– Aaron’s mom

“Working on my social studies over the phone is so helpful. She breaks it down

and compares current day problems with things in the past and it makes it

so much easier to understand.”

– Ariel, 8th grade

"I would like to THANK YOU & PUBLICOLOR for coming out and making a difference for my son and your students. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for making a difference, wishing you and your family safety." 

– Ariel's mom

“I’m so stressed being at home, but getting videos about how to cope with my anxiety from Lilli every week have really helped me. I save them on my phone and watch them during the day and before I go to bed.”

– Cheyenne, 9th grade

"God bless Publicolor. We just received the food delivery and it will help us get

through this terrible situation. We are also so thankful for the tutoring help that Bryan received from you last night... he never receives individualized help at school and I have been so concerned for his progress. I couldn't have asked for him to be part of a better program."

– Bryan's mom

In the midst of this crisis, we know we are blessed to have you as part of our family. Thank you for caring! 


Stay healthy, and stay involved!



Ruth Lande Shuman

Founder + President

20 West 36th Street, Floor 9
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212.213.6121
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