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Dear fellow Publicolorfamily members,


All of us are facing a challenge none of us expected, and sadly our poorest families are being hit the hardest.


At Publicolor, to protect everyone, we decided that most of our staff will work from home. Those who can bike or walk to work are welcome to be in the office which is wiped down very carefully every day. All workshops and tutoring sessions will be given online, so no students have to take an extra subway ride to be with us.


As long as travel by subway is discouraged, we will continue to support our students in additional ways: because so many of our students report food insecurity, we will be bringing food to them (sites in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem) 2 x a week. We chose sites they can walk to. We will also continue to pay them their stipends, as we know many turn them over to their parent(s) to help pay for rent and other necessities. They know we’re paying them forward, and understand we will ask them to volunteer when we have to work on Sundays to catch up on the sites we have already committed to paint.


We are so proud of the moments of visual beauty we have already brought to low-income neighborhoods all over the city. These were painted by our struggling students who not only learned the skill of commercial painting but also strong and transferrable skills and work habits. Color can represent caring, respect, energy, and inspiration. Art and music are even more important constants in times of chaos and uncertainty. Thank you for always being there for us. Our students and their families need you now more than ever.


With much appreciation,

Ruth Lande Shuman

Founder + President