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Publicolor deliberately focuses on low-income students who are at high risk of dropping out. While other organizations work with high-achievers, our longterm project-based learning model engages struggling students in their education and guides them toward success.

  • Publicolor has transformed 340 struggling schools and 258 neglected community sites (health clinics, food pantries, shelters, community + senior centers, police precincts). These transformations have impacted 2.2 million people. 

  • 88% of students reported feeling safer in their Publicolored school, which is now graffiti-free. 


  • Publicolor students devote 300 hours each year to community service. 

  • 25,000+ students have experienced Publicolor programming that empowered them to stay in school, since 1996. 

  • Even though we focus our support on the most disengaged and struggling low-income students, 100% of our students transitioned on time to the next grade. No Publicolor student has repeated a grade in the last 10 years.

  • Publicolor worked directly with 1,411 students in FY23. 

  • Adding Design Studio during the school year has DOUBLED our presence at NYC schools. 


  • 100% of Design Studio school principals invited us back this year. 

  • Every year, 100% of HS seniors enroll in college or a post-secondary training program. 95% go to college. This compares to 60% of their school peers. All are paired with mentors who guide their education and career path. 

  • 100% first-year college retention rate for Publicolor scholarship students vs. 61% at CUNY schools. 

  • 76% of our students complete their college degree within 6 years compared to 11% of students from high-poverty households and 62.2% nationwide. 

  • 89% of Publicolor alums remained employed during the pandemic. 

  • 4,164 packages of healthy food were delivered to students and their families. All 85% of students who reported food insecurity, received huge healthy food packages from us weekly. 

  • Every year, Publicolor Community Museum installations add visual beauty to the lives of approximately 20 million New Yorkers and visitors.

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