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"I wish an organization like yours existed when I was in 

school, to cover the institutional green and tan we had everywhere!"

– Marc Genova, Field Sales Representative, Janovic Paint & Décor

In the words of HELP Executive Director Teona Beromelidze, “The entire building looks full of life and energy. I’ve noticed that the bright colors bring about a positive mood, and many of our clients approached me and thanked Publicolor for bringing hope into their lives.” A client [Betty Alexidor] added“As a homeless mother, living in a homeless shelter, if I could choose certain colors to describe how homelessness makes me feel, it would be black and white. The color black would describe the hole that I feel I am in, and the color white would describe the blank feeling I get when I think about my future… I never expected the colors on the walls at the shelter to be much different from how I felt inside. One day, it all changed!”

The client's letter continues, “The colors on the walls and doors went from white to happy yellow and blue. I am now out of isolation and can imagine what goes nice with yellow and blue. Yellow is sunny and could brighten any room. I could paint my kitchen yellow sine that is where moms rule. The blue could be my baby’s room. No! She would rather pink or purple, maybe some flowers too.”

“Because of you, thousands of school children as well as all New Yorkers have more color in their lives and as a true believer in Publicolor, let me thank you!”
— Michael R. Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City

“Publicolor plays an important role in transforming the city’s schools, and the lives of the students who attend them.”
– President Bill Clinton

“I laud Publicolor for its strong commitments and dedication to serving the needs of students and their communities. By transforming public schools and community facilities into vibrant and welcoming centers for learning and productivity, you help create an environment in which effective teaching and learning are truly possible.”
— Kirsten E. Gillibrand, US Senator for New York

“Wherever Publicolor goes, good things happen.”
– (Former) Manhattan Borough President, now NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer

“Our scores have soared due to an environment conducive to learning.”
— Alan D. Cohen, Principal, The New Vision School

“Publicolor makes a difference at so many different levels. Kids get desperately needed mentorship and opportunities. Teachers get improved working environments. Communities get revived public spaces. And volunteers get opportunities to contribute and make a difference. This is a special program that is making a difference.”
— Adam S. Weinberg, Dean, Colgate University

“Publicolor is a valued tool in the Department of Education’s efforts to create school change. When students, teachers and parents realize that their school is well-maintained and viewed as important, the Department of Education knows that the academics and overall school performance will follow along. Jamie Smarr, Executive Director, Educational Construction Fund, NYC Department of Education”
— Benjamin Basile, Principal, MS 301

“This was my second time volunteering with Publicolor and I still continue to find the determination of the students to be so inspiring. This group takes so much pride in transforming their school, and their motivation to further their goals, both professionally and personally, is direct result of their involvement with Publicolor”
–Lisa Glover, Volunteer from Laura Davidson Public Relations

"An amazing experience, and impressed by the determination of the students who are great teachers!"

– Elana Kathein, Volunteer from Amazon

“Very pleasant interaction with the students. Was deeply moved by how engaging the event was!”

– Joe Kathcin, Volunteer from Amazon

“Had a really great day painting alongside some amazing kids in my community! Over the course of the day, (student) really came out of his shell. This organization is really changing things for these kids – seeing them step up and be responsible for these projects is awesome!”

– Cameron Miller, Volunteer from Wake Forest University


“Excellent 2nd experience with Publicolor. Love the collaboration and commitment!”

– Erin Aoams, Volunteer from Wake Forest University

“It was a blast to see the dedication and collaboration of all the students and staff.”

– Lindsay Sheehan, Volunteer from Wake Forest University


“I learned so much and am so inspired by the program!”

– Callie Randall, Volunteer from Wake Forest University

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